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Asperger Services Australia

Asperger Services Australia provides support to people with Asperger’s and their families.

Who Are We?

Asperger Services Australia started as a small support group for parents of children with Asperger’s and we’ve been helping individuals and families since 1994. We believe in peer led support and the majority of our staff are volunteers with direct ‘lived’ experience with Asperger’s. We offer four key ways to help families, including:
Do you or a loved one live with Asperger’s and need support or information?

How Can We Help You?

We provide four key support services to support people with Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD 1) or Autism (ASD 2) and their families or carers.
ASA Peer Support Groups Putt Putt

Peer Support Groups

Are you feeling you don’t ‘fit in’, have difficulty socialising or just want to learn more about living with Asperger’s?

Our peer support groups offer a safe and friendly environment to meet others and form friendships. At various locations around Queensland, we run:

  • Adult support groups
  • Youth groups
  • Parent support groups

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ASA Life Skills Programs Leaders

Life Skills Programs

Are you aged 17-25 and struggling with motivation, organisation or emotional regulation?

Our introductory life skills program is designed by an experienced OT and teaches skills such as self-reflection, problem-solving and goal-setting in self-care, domestic chores, scheduling, budgeting and community access. This program is completely free.

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ASA Information, Support & Referral Services Reception

Information, Support & Referral Services

We also offer confidential telephone, email or in person services providing practical advice, information and referrals. This service is provided by trained volunteers with ‘lived’ experience and can include anything from discussing a new diagnosis to referral to a health professional to an ASD friendly hairdresser.

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ASA Peer Mentoring Session

Peer Mentoring

We’re developing a program based on ‘Aspies’ mentoring ‘Aspies’. We’re working with people with ‘lived’ experience to create a program which really reflects the needs of those living with Asperger’s.

If you’d like to help take part in shaping this program, we’d love to hear from you.

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What Our Customers Say

Brilliant place! A centre to help vulnerable people and families. So desperately needed and appreciated.

Sarah Nelson


The wonderful way they deal with stressed parents

Jackie O'Farrell


Stefanie and the team do really good job!

Garry Burge


Having older Asperger friends made my son realise that he would be able to finish school, learn to drive and get a job. That his diagnosis was not something that should hold him back.

Rachael McAuley


Support group for those who have an Asperger partner.

Liza Hayes


Everyone is just like me - we have the same interests and better still the same sense of humour.

Lockie McAuley


Wonderful support network where parents, partners and kids can find out information and get together as people who ‘get it’.

Amanda Pearson