First of all we are pleased to advise that Asperger Services Australia will continue to service the Asperger/Autism community for next 12 months at the Asperger Centre in Virginia.  Continuation of recurrent funding for the next 12 months from the Government came available just in the last minute.

We apologise for any inconvenience and uncertainty everyone had to experience, whilst ASA went through a tough time financially to maintain services.  Having had to downsize last year and let the warehouse go did not achieve the outcome we hoped, hence the board of directors had to make the difficult decision to close the centre.  Since this decision was made, almost every week we had more positive information coming to ASA, by winning an ILC grant, a small volunteer grant and now the continuation of recurrent funding.  So here we are, WE ARE HAPPY TO BE BACK!! 

We still need to work hard on our new projects and need to fundraise so we do not find ourselves in the same position next year and we need all your help by continuing your support and take up your subscriptions.  The benefits to be a subscriber:

Future groups to be established are: re-starting the e-kid-nAS group (for 5 to 10 years old), Tween group (11 to 13 yrs), and young adult group for people 18 to 30 yrs.

ASA will continue being a volunteer organisation and are looking for volunteers to fill several positions.  If you have some spare time and would like to support your family with hands on information and give a little back to our subscriber families, we would like to hear from you.  We would like to encourage people with Asperger’s to volunteer as well.  For more information please contact Stefanie on the number below or email Check our website regularly for updates.

Online subscriptions on our website are now available again.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have sent us well wishes and thank you letters.  We were overwhelmed with your personal experiences you have had over the years being part of Asperger Services Australia which has given us strength to fight on to stay relevant.

Again thank you so much.