This is a self paced course 10 week course where you will have access to all 5 hours of training which you can view at a time on any device.  It is Accredited Australian Teacher Professional Development – NSW (NESA), ACT (TQI) & All States. Ideal for Teachers, Teacher Aides, Early Childhood, and anyone living & teaching children on the Autism Spectrum.

The Course is ideal for teachers, teacher aids, learning assistants, SENCOs, Professionals & Families

What you will learn in this course is:

  • Identify the challenges to learning experienced by the student with an ASD and by the teacher of a student with ASD including an item focusing on the presentation of ASD in girls; and
  • Be provided with a framework for managing specific ASD behavioural presentations, including anxiety, stress, obsessions, emotional overload.
  • The specific challenges experienced by the ASD student with reading and mathematics learning especially in relation to their difficulties with problem solving (or rather, their unique approaches to problem solving);
  • Learn how to manage the ASD student’s fear of making mistakes or not getting their work right;
  • Learn how to identify the stressors that escalate the ASD student’s anxiety levels; and learn about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles and
  • How to use Dr Attwood’s ‘Emotional Toolbox’ model to help the ASD student manage their anxieties and improve their learning outcomes.

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