The Asperger Centre is taking its first step back to normality from the COVID 19 restrictions!

On Monday 18 May all our staff and volunteers will return to work at the Centre.  All have been advised of the hygiene requirements we have put in place to ensure they stay well.  We thank them for their patience and cooperation during this challenging period.

Occasional visitors are now welcome but we ask that you restrict yourself to groups of no more than three.  Please ring ahead to make an appointment so we can ensure we have a safe and comfortable space available for you.

Our next big step is to open the Centre to support group meetings.  At this stage we do not have a date but will advise you as soon as Government advice allows us to host groups of more than ten (we believe that will best meet the needs of our clients).  In the mean time the alternative Zoom meetings will continue.  They have been welcomed and successful but we know participants are eager to meet face to face again.

We will keep you posted of any new developments.

We will see you soon.

The Board of Directors