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The NDIA have updated their systems to make things easier for providers and participants, particularly during COVID-19. These improvements are:

  • increased flexibility for participants to use funds across all Core Support categories
  • ability for providers and participants to edit Agency-created service bookings including Supported Independent Living
  • automatically extended plans now including eligible assistive technology.

Core support flexibility

Agency and plan-managed participants now have increased flexibility to use Core funding across all Core Support categories.

Participants with funding in their plan for at least one Core Support category no longer need to have $1 in a particular Core Support category to reallocate funds across the categories, including transport.

The transport support category is now also flexible within the Core budget. However, participants who have elected to receive their transport funding as a periodic payment will not be able to use that funding flexibly as it is pre-paid. This does not impact on participants who will continue to receive their periodic payment for transport.

Registered providers can still only claim for services and supports in their registration group. Service bookings only need to be updated if there is a change in a participant’s required supports.

Editing service bookings

Providers and participants are now able to edit Agency-created service bookings, including the duration, unit prices and quantities.

Service bookings which require quote approvals can only be increased if a plan has been automatically extended. Predominantly, these will be bookings for Supported Independent Living or Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Participants need to consent to any change to their service booking before a provider can make those changes, unless it is part of a plan auto-extension.

For more information on managing service bookings, please visit the NDIS website.

Assistive technology now included in plan auto-extensions

Assistive technology (AT) funding and specific items will now be included when participant plans are auto-extended, providing participants had AT supports in their previous plan.

  • This will be up to the value of $3,000 if 50 per cent or more was utilised in the previous plan.
  • This will also be capped at $3,000 (if less than this amount was in the previous plan the lower amount will be included).
  • Specific assistive technology items will be duplicated in the new plan, if 50 per cent or more of the funds were utilised in the previous plan for repairs and maintenance.

Supported Independent Living plan auto-extensions and service bookings

When we have been unable to undertake a plan review before a participant’s current plan ends, it is automatically extended by 365 days.

This creates a discrepancy between service bookings and the plan, because the Supported Independent Living (SIL) service booking displays a higher amount than the plan amount.

SIL providers should claim at the amount for the original (non-extended) plan and accepted quote.

When a participant has a new plan in place, SIL providers can claim at a rate appropriate to the new plan.

Please visit the Supported Independent Living (SIL) page on the NDIS website for latest SIL updates.

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