Our Leaders

Volunteer Leaders


Joanne – Receptionist

Joanne is the first person you will be interacting with by contacting the Asperger Centre. Joanne is an exceptional receptionist making you feel at ease when speaking with her. Joanne has a great understanding of the front end on of office and the Asperger Centre. She has trained other volunteers and manages a busy psychological practice with great grace.

Stefanie – Managing Director/Office Manager

Stefanie is a dedicated and outstanding professional. She has great experience in overseeing the daily activities, has an immense understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome and its challenges. Her now 30 year old son has given her the opportunity to learn patience, acknowledgement and understanding of human behaviours.

Vanessa – Accountant

Vanessa is an exemplary accountant that has been a passionate supporter of ASA. She has been a great supporter of ASA handling the complexities of running a registered charity and maintaining the company limited by guarantee status and prepares the financial for the Board of Directors.

James – Book keeper/Policy writer

James is has been supporting the centre with bookkeeping and is now extending himself into the policy area as he studies his economics, politics and philosophy degree.

Avan – Membership and volunteer staff officer, database developer

Avan has been a loyal volunteer at the centre for many years now. He is a master with Microsoft Access and helps us organise our extensive membership list, and maintains an Australia wide professional and service provider referral database.

Ferdie – Governance and Policy

Ferdie has dedicated his time to keep our Policies and Guidelines in order. Ferdie also has a great knowledge of business procedures.

Jodie – Data Entry

Jodie has been our long term data entry person. She has dedicated her time keeping our databases up to date with information relevant to the business. Her hobbies are birds, art, gaming.

Joan – Researcher and Fact sheet writer

Nothing is too much for Joan, always compliant and ready to tackle any new subject.

Kristine – Events Co-ordinator

Kristine is a passionate fundraiser and event organiser. She is passionate about environmental issues and has been a fierce Asperger advocate.

Youth Group leaders

Are 3rd year students, studying Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and people on the spectrum being mentors to the high school students. We are very proud of the students who are juggling their studies with their dedication to support our youth on the autism spectrum.

  • Charlotte
  • Jenna
  • Eloise
  • Elise
  • Bas
  • Kathryn

Jane – Parent Group Facilitator – Brisbane West Region (Sherwood)

Jane has been facilitating this group for more than 18 years and has a huge lived family knowledge about ASD and has interest in Health and Wellbeing.

Ann – Parent Group Facilitator – Mt Gravatt

Ann like Jane has been facilitating this group for more than 18 years. Ann also has lived family experience and a huge knowledge of Asperger’s Syndrome.