Workshop on Dietary Needs - Fussy Eaters with Jacqui Palmer

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Saturday, November 24, 2018 9am - 11am

The Asperger Centre
Unit 1/16 Yarraman Place
Virginia, QLD 4014


A Workshop on Dietary Needs - Fussy Eaters

Jacqui will cover:

  • What is a healthy diet? Looking at the major food groups and what they do.
  • How does food contribute to our mental health? Are we healthy on the inside? The importance of the gut bacteria.
  • Fussy Eating versus Extremely Selective Eating - what is the difference?
  • Why do some children (and adults) refuse so many foods? Recognising some of the obstacles to eating a varied diet.
  • What part does stress play at the table? Working to make meals a pleasure.
  • A family approach - what can we do to make meals a more pleasant experience? Working towards a varied diet.

 Jacqui Palmer (ADP) - a pediatric dietician who is an expert in nutrition and practical  strategies for fussy eaters.


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