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Our Board

ASA Board members are all volunteers who contribute their own time to support our Asperger’s community.
ASA Board Stefanie Evans

Stefanie Evans

Co-founder and Managing Director

Stefanie Evans grew up in Germany, and there she studied Business and worked for AEG Telefunken and BMW Motor Bikes. In 1970, Stefanie caught the “wanderlust” bug and moved to London to further her English studies and work as an au-pair where she unknowingly had her first contact with Asperger’s Syndrome. She immigrated to Australia in 1973 where she met her husband and after a stint in Papua New Guinea in 1982 they moved back to Brisbane to raise two children. In 1994, Stefanie’s son was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 7 by Clinical Psychologist Prof. Tony Attwood, and their lives changed drastically.

Since ASA was formed in 1994, Stefanie has served as a committee member, Hon Secretary, and as a Director of the organisation. She is now the Managing Director after more than 30 years as a full time volunteer. Since joining the group, Stefanie has been instrumental in the push toward a holistic support approach for families and adults. This resulted into two major changes – moving into retail shops for 10 years and in 2012 opening the Asperger Centre, to continue to improve and educate families, stakeholders and service providers about Asperger’s Syndrome.

In 2006, Stefanie received the Lilly Australia Day Award for valued contribution to the community in Lilly.

“I have always had an interest in people, and it has been and continues to be a joy to be part of the Asperger Community who have exceptional skills and can participate in our communities with the right support.”

ASA Board Dr Camilla Andrews

Dr Camilla Andrews


Camilla first became associated with ASA when two of her family were diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  There was little information or practical help available at the time and as a doctor the little contact she had had was with people in desperate and seemingly unremitting crisis.  She felt the outlook for her two grandsons seemed bleak.

Someone suggested she contact a tiny volunteer organisation, ASA, for guidance.  Here she found trustworthy practical support and information, and as a consequence her grandsons are now wonderful young men (although sometimes still infuriatingly Aspie), living independent and fulfilling lives.

What she learnt has informed her practice ever since, especially her work at Headspace Inala, which provides help for youth at risk.  The non-medical determinants of health are one of her passions.  For people on the spectrum particularly, they determine the difference between thriving and a life of bewilderment and despair.

As a director of Accoras, a not-for-profit providing a range of services in the area of personal and community health and well-being, Camilla served for some years as the chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, with responsibility for general oversight of governance of the organisation.

ASA exists to help people on the spectrum reach their potential through practical experience and evidence-based programs and services, which fits well with her philosophy.

ASA Board Peter Callaghan

Peter Callaghan

Ad Dip Community Services (Disability)
Dip Business (Front Line Management)
Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Peter has broad experience in the not-for-profit sector. Over his 40 years, he has been involved in Senior Leadership and Board roles in many Community Service organisations spanning youth, disability, aged care, housing, education, training, employment and Industry Services sectors in Queensland.

Until July 2011, Peter was founder and CEO of Community Employment Options Inc and, after a merge, co-founder and Executive Manager, Employment and Training Services of a multi-site/program ‘community business’ known as the Community Solutions Inc. Over the 20-year development, Peter oversaw operations across 18 sites in Queensland, 300 staff and programs including DES, JSA, PPP, PHaMS, Youth Connections, Skilling Queenslanders for Work delivered to nearly 6000 clients across the State.

Peter now works as a Partner with the consulting group – DCA Advisory Services. The group, predominantly, support Community Service organisations to better respond to the changing environment.

Peter is passionate about utilising his experience, skills and knowledge to assist organisations develop their capacity to grow sustainably and achieve their full potential. Central to his passion are people in our Regional, Rural and Remote Communities of Queensland.

ASA Board Robyn Renneberg

Robyn Renneberg

Bachelor of Arts (English/History)
Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Teaching)
Master of Administration (Public Administration, Organisational Change and Human Resource Management)
Graduate Certificate in International and Community Development

Raised in a small country town, Robyn started her career as a school teacher moving to adult learning through roles in workplace training and education in the Commonwealth Public Sector. Over time she progressed to senior roles in human resource management and development and strategic planning.
For over twenty years Robyn worked as a capacity development specialist in international development. She worked in many developing countries as a project director, capacity development advisor and as a development specialist designing, reviewing and evaluating aid programs.

Robyn brings an interest and expertise in both organisational and individual capacity building which she aims to apply internally with ASA and externally to ASA’s members and the broader Asperger community.

ASA Board Tonia de Bruin

Tonia de Bruin

Doctor of Philosophy – Information Systems (Business Process Management)
Master of Health Service Management
Certified Practising Accountant

Tonia joined the ASA Board in September 2020 and is committed to working collaboratively with others to address social inequities faced by many people in our communities. Tonia has a comprehensive understanding of the mental and physical health challenges and service delivery issues encountered by many people, gained from almost a decade of working in the health sector and the life challenges faced by her own family and friends. Being from country Queensland, Tonia is especially passionate about improving service access and delivery for people living in rural and remote regions and other marginalised communities.

 Tonia has a PhD in Information Systems (Business Process Management) from QUT, a Master of Health Service Management from Monash University, and is completing her final subject in a Master of Evaluation from University of Melbourne. Tonia is a qualified CPA, who has previously worked in several state government departments, the NGO sector, and private sector organisations including consulting, stakeholder engagement, superannuation, and banking. More recently Tonia has been evaluating programs funded by government and industry to present findings and make recommendations on their implementation and the impact they are making.