Our Services

Services that are available to members and the public

Our Services

For over 23 years Asperger Services Australia Ltd has been providing support services to individuals and families with a member that has Asperger’s syndrome.  We recognise that everyone is different and our services provide you with a wide range of options that would suit your needs.

Our Services include:

Support Groups

  • Monthly meetings at various locations
  • Parent support groups
  • Adult self help discussion group for adults with Asperger Syndrome 18+
  • Adult social group
  • Youth Group (High school students)
  • The Lab a technology club for 10 to 16 years old

Support & Referral Services

  • Australia wide telephone & confidential support
  • Australia wide information and referral services
  • Access the experience providers nearest to you
  • NDIS support (Queensland)

Family Activities

  • Youth Group for High School Students (14 to 18 yrs)
  • ASA craft group for ages (needlework, machine sewing, anything you would like to learn)
  • Family activities
  • BBQ’s

Conferences & Seminars

  • Regular workshops and learning opportunities for supporting individual or family members to enhance or provide quality of life strategies.
  • Professional Development conferences, seminars and workshops for parents, education staff and professionals on the latest research.

Information & Resources

  • FREE Information to parents, individuals and public
  • NDIS planning support
  • Lending Library – books, DVD’s and games
  • Access to our online member only resources
  • Book and DVD for sale

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