Cindy Nicollet


Cindy Nicollet

General Registered Psychologist
Positive Behaviour Support
Accredited Stepping Stones Triple P facilitator

Cindy Nicollet (BA.Psych, Hons (IIA)) is a psychologist and current PhD candidate. Cindy has worked as a psychologist for the last 12 years and has provided support to children, adolescents, adults and families. Cindy is also working as a psychologist at the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (QCIDD) since 2012.

Cindy’s experience has included 7 years with the Department of Communities, Disability Services, providing support to adults with challenging behaviour and their families and carers, providing psychological services to primary-aged children within the school setting, providing ABA therapy to children on the autism spectrum, and running and facilitating groups around various education and training events.

Presently, Cindy is completing her PhD, which involved developing and trialling an anxiety program for adults on the spectrum. Although Cindy has worked across various age groups, she is particularly passionate about providing support to adults on the spectrum.