Aspergers Services Australia is a volunteer and non for profit organisation.  In order to maintain our services we rely on subscription and donations. Your donation will go a long way to support the wonderful services from the ASA.


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Times are changing with the introduction of the NDIS, but not all families will be eligible to receive funding, so how can we make sure that this service is still available to us now and future families.  Currently Australian figures show that 1:68 have an Autism spectrum condition and it is rising.

The current volunteers do a fantastic job and have for many years, but what they really need is YOUR MONEY or you can give your time and expertise to move this organisation forward so they in turn can continue to give us parents and adult’s real time support, which is so very much needed.  The founding parents of this organisation have been the pioneers of Asperger’s Syndrome support.  Us and future parents will and have benefited from their experiences.

What ASA really need from us was help and the best help we could provide them was REACHING OUT TO PEOPLE WE KNOW and ask for money to keep the doors open.  Most people think that places like these are heavily government funded, but they are not and with your help we need to raise funds for current and future programs to the vicinity of $70,000.