Unlocking the Next Level: Skills for Independent Living


The transition into adulthood can be challenging and often stressful for people    diagnosed with ASD. This  program aims to support young adults to learn  the skills required for independent living, including becoming more self-sufficient in the family home, preparing to move out or making improvements for those already living on their own.

This introductory program focuses on teaching essential foundation skills such as self-reflection, problem-solving and goal-setting applied across a range of areas including  self-care, domestic chores, scheduling, budgeting and community access. Emphasis is placed on addressing some of the barriers  experienced by people living with ASD 1 or 2 including  motivation, organization and emotional  regulation.


Who is the group for?

  • Poeple age 17 – 25 years
  • Diagnosed ASD level 1 or 2 (or Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Good literacy skills (high school level)
  • Ability to participate in the group environment


What will the workshops look like?

  • 7 workshops (2 hours each); mixed groups 8 – 12 participants
  • Direct teaching, workstations (self-directed completion of worksheets) and group discussions.
  • Creation of an individual workbook and resource folder
  • Initial workshop for parents or carers to help promote positive integration of strategies in the home environment .

This project has been made possible via the NDIS Disabled People and Families Organisations
ILC Readiness Grant Round 2018.

Sessions will be facilitated by Kate Horstmann (Occupational Therapist) together with support staff from Asperger Services Australia.



Commencing 2nd October – 3pm – 5pm
Fridays – weekly

Venue—Unit 1 – 16 Yarraman Place
Virginia, QLD  4014