Love and family and Asperger's: Tony Attwood


Love and family and Asperger's: Tony Attwood - Link to ABC Website


Professor Tony Attwood is among the world's leading experts on Asperger's syndrome.

He wrote the definitive guide to Asperger's; and has been researching Autism spectrum disorders for four decades.

Tony's insight into the condition began when he was a young child, growing up with a step-father who was 'on the spectrum'.

Although Asperger's was not yet a recognised disorder, the behaviours Tony observed in his mother and step-father, are mirrored in the couples he sees in his practice today.

Tony works with couples in which one partner has Asperger's, to help them navigate relationships, marriages and parenting.

He describes his role in this work as a translator between two different cultures, explaining the neurotypical world to the Aspie and the Aspie world to neurotypical.