Kate Horstmann - Occupational Therapist

Kate Horstmann - Occupational Therapist
DSS Registered - Helping children with Autism funding
Secret Agent Society Facilitator

Kate HorstmannKate Horstmann has over 17 years experience as an Occupational Therapist, providing family centred support for children with a range of developmental, neurological and emotional difficulties.  She has also worked in a range of additional roles including university lecturer and a clinical education leader for Qld Health.  Kate has gained particular skills in the fields of ASD, ADHD, trauma/attachment and complex behavioural difficulties.

She has worked as a clinical leader for ASD & ADHD regional networks in London and for specialist organisations including Evolve Behaviour Support (Department of Child Safety) and the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health.  As a result of her clinical experience, Kate's practice is informed by in-depth knowledge of many therapy approaches, including sensory processing, positive behaviour support, motor learning and attachment theories.  Kate's focus is to integrate these approaches to deliver practical support and skill development for the child and their family.

Kate is regularly asked to provide training for fellow health professionals and educators, as well as parents and community members.  She is an approved training provider for the Workforce Council and has just completed a state wide tour with 22 workshops delivered to staff in the early childhood education sector.  Kate also provides guest lecturing to multiple university programs.  Kate co-authored and published a book titled Helping Kids and Teens with ADHD at School (2009), which is distributed internationally and has been translated in multiple languages.

Kate can help your child develop:   Life skills such as toileting, sleep, homework and organisation;  Coping strategies to manage sensory differences;  Strategies to support attention and be physically settled;  Coordination and motor skills;  Social skills;  Play skills

What services does Kate offer?:  Assessment -  Establishing strengths, difficulties and priorities for intervention;  Assisting with the diagnosis of developmental conditions;  Observational assessments in real-lifesettings such as home, kindy or school; Intervention  Individual sessions at the Asperger Centre to work towards family-centred goals;  Developing individualised home and school programs;  School / kindy visits and consultationGroup therapy (e.g. Secret Agent Society, Alert Program);  Consultation, advice and coaching for parentsConsultation and Training:  Workshops and professional development for schools, community organisations etc.Supervision for Occupational Therapists working in the field; Consultation to organisations and services